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What is the Visual Facility Map?

The Visual Facility Map is an Add-on option to Self-Storage Pro. It adds the capability for viewing the facility from an aerial shot. The map can be zoomed in or out from within the Visual Facility Map screen. The screen contains a wealth of information. Not only does it display the map itself (bottom-right), but it also displays the list of units and the tenants that are renting them (top-right). On a selected unit, the screen displays detailed information about the particular unit (left side). All units are dynamically color-coded based on their current status. The coloring can be changed to whatever color you like. Each individual status type can be selected/unselected for emphasis in the map.

Visual Map

What do I need?

First and foremost, ensure all the units of your facility have been setup within the program. Pricing and feature accuracy are not so important, but existence of the unit and proper unit identification is very important.

Since each Visual Facility Map is customized to your facility, you will need to prepare blue prints or drawing to generate a facility map. If you prefer, you may supply your own digital drawing of your facility. This is the most preferred method because you know exactly what you are getting. If this is the method you decide, we prefer Bitmap (.bmp) or JPEG (.jpg) formats, but we can convert from other formats if needed. The basic rule for generating your own map is the units must have completely closed walls (shapes) and the same color within the unit space. The walls can vary in color and thickness, but the empty space must all be the same for each unit.

Regardless if you send us the map data or the digital map, make sure that you send appropriate identification of the units.

How do I get a Visual Facility Map?

Once you have completed entering all your units and gathered the map data mentioned above, send the map data and a current backup of your data via e-mail or land mail. Our e-mail address is . Our mailing address is AndraTech Systems Corporation, P O Box 222904, Chantilly, VA 21053-2904.

The map can be completed from between one and four weeks depending on our load and complexity of your facility. By supplying your own map image, the process is reduced significantly. If we are developing the map, we will periodically send you the image to verify that it is correct. This is generally the most time consuming part of the process. Once the map is complete, we will associate the map units to the database units and then send you the package with instructions on how to install you new Visual Facility Map.