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100% Guaranteed

Satisfaction Guarantee100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Self-Storage Pro is backed by our satisfaction guarantee.

We know you will be completely satisfied with your decision to uttilize our program. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied and want to stop using our product, just let us know and we will refund you 100% of what you paid for the current and any pre-paid months.

To receive your refund, you will be required to unregister the product, which only takes about a minute of your time.

We proudly stand behind our product.

Our Pricing Model

Self-Storage Pro is a Service

Self-Storage Pro is offered as a service -- Just like your electric, water, and phone services.

Self-Storage Pro prides itself on giving its customers a “more than fair” product and service. In the early days, software was purchased like buying a car – it was yours as long as worked.

Over the years software has changed and now we offer Self-Storage Pro as a service. In other words, you utilize it like any other utility service (e.g., electric, water, phone, and so forth).

Our payment plan are offered monthly or yearly. There is a discount for paying yearly. There is not risk for paying ahead. If you choose to terminate the service, we will refund 100% of your pre-paid month, plus the current month.

Everything Is Included

The service includes technical support (including remote desktop support), and the latest version of our software. As long as the service is active, you will recieve our best technical support and latest software -- no question to whether you're entitled to that service.

This is the direction we have choosen and we feel it provides our customers the best service and product. Everyone has the latest version and our development and support teams can concentrate on the latest version of our software.

Easy Cancellation

If you find it doesn’t suit you any longer, you can just cancel the service and we will refund any remaining balance on your account. But once it is cancelled, the program stops working. Of course, you can re-instate the service at any time.